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Apopka Asphalt Paving has been repairing and sealcoating asphalt pavement in and around Apopka, FL, for many years. We are a highly-experienced paving contractor offering trustworthy and reliable asphalt patching for your commercial or residential paved surfaces.

Home and Business Services

We offer road, parking lot, and asphalt driveway repair. We have the paving equipment necessary to perform any size asphalt repair and resurfacing project you have. Some of our services include:

  • Asphalt Resurfacing
  • Parking Lot Patching
  • Crack Filling
  • Asphalt Driveway Repair
  • Driveway Sealing
  • Road Repair
  • …and more repair services!

We offer free estimates on everything we do, including all of our repair, maintenance, and sealcoating services. Our experienced estimator will discuss your repair project and go over any questions you have. We can provide experienced advice about replacement versus resurfacing and whether your asphalt is ready for a new coat of sealant.

Options for Asphalt Repairs

Two main types of asphalt patches can be used to repair asphalt – cold and hot.

A cold asphalt patch can be installed in any temperature year-round but is considered a temporary fix. Cutting and patching with hot asphalt is advised for a more permanent solution if the weather conditions are conducive.

Cold mix asphalt can be used anytime and does not require asphalt plants to be open. It is perfect for repairing potholes in the winter and preventing more extensive damage from water infiltration and freeze-thaw cycles.

Permanent repairs with hot mix asphalt involve removing some surrounding pavement, and laying down a new layer of gravel for the base, and pouring new hot asphalt on top. When done skillfully, it will seamlessly blend in with existing asphalt.


How Asphalt Sealcoating is Beneficial

Regular pavement maintenance like seal coating and filling cracks extends the life of your asphalt parking lots, residential driveways, and other paved areas. Sealcoating asphalt lays down a protective barrier. This barrier helps seal the beneficial oils in asphalt that keep it pliable and not brittle. Also, a seal coat protects the existing surface from gas and oil spills, drying UV rays, and other damaging elements.

We offer a free estimate for this cost-effective asphalt maintenance. Applying asphalt sealcoat too frequently can cause small, harmless cracks in the surface layer. To prevent this, our experienced estimator can visit your property to see if your asphalt parking lot or driveway is ready for a new coat of asphalt sealant!


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Pothole Repair

When your existing asphalt driveway or parking lot develops potholes, call us! We provide long-lasting asphalt repair done the right way that you can trust. Potholes allow water intrusion that can cause more extensive damage. A long-lasting fix like cutting and patching addresses the underlying issue that caused the pothole.

Crack Repair

We repair cracks with high-quality materials that will prevent water and debris infiltration. Sealing static cracks with asphalt material and filling dynamic cracks with a rubberized flexible crack filler will help extend the life of your asphalt. Both are essential elements in asphalt maintenance. It’s important to address cracks immediately, as they can quickly become potholes!

Seal Coating

Sealcoating boosts curb appeal and provides many benefits. Sealing with quality asphalt emulsion or coal tar emulsion seal coat is an essential step of routine maintenance. The protective barrier of sealcoat prevents excessive drying from UV rays, staining from motor oil spills, and water infiltration. A coat of asphalt sealer also boosts curb appeal!


The Asphalt Sealcoating Process

Asphalt seal coating is an important part of routine maintenance for many pavement surfaces. It requires dry weather conditions, so the pavement sealer has time to cure.

First, any debris and dirt are removed from the pavement surface, and cracks are properly filled with a high-quality sealer. Then either coal tar sealers or asphalt emulsion sealers are used to apply sealant in an even coat over the entire paved area. After only a few hours of drying time, your asphalt pavement will be ready for foot traffic or the second coat of sealer. A sealcoat application restores the dark black color of new asphalt and helps protect it from wear and tear, oil spills, and other damage!

Asphalt repairs should be performed before sealcoating. Our paving contractors offer expert pothole patching, crack filling, crack sealing, and other driveways, road, and parking lot repairs. Reach out for a free quote to restore your asphalt surfaces today!